Week 29 Mary

Somebody shouted very loudly that nobody heard anything.
Crimson is my favourite colour because I love  every  colour except for black and grey I love everything with the colour crimson or other kinds of rainbow colour.
Suddenly, a boy came frantically to take a pencil to do his homework cause he forgot he had a homework. There is a misty boy because he found a thief but we do not know what kind of thief he will find the one who steal his phone.
In the Night there was a dead man that was buried in a grave. This is a scary interesting story.


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  2. Hi Mary,
    It surely is a scary, interesting story. It even seems to me it’s the beginning of a long, complex and irresistible plot that will unfold along the next years, as you keep practicing your gift to write in this creative way.
    I didn’t even know that Crimson was a colour! It’s always so refreshing to learn from very young Students, isn’t it?
    So, in your text we can hear someone screaming, but so loud, his words got blurred. Then all the colours of the rainbow wave to the reader. But already some new character makes a sudden appearance, worrying about his forgotten homework. Perhaps he did it with a crimson pencil? (Teachers love to make corrections in blue, as you know). Suddenly, life becomes serious, as a burglar is being searched by a misty boy. And finally, death, with its sombre shadow wraps up a humble mortal.
    Don’t you feel as if we were going through the chapters of a book, reading only its titles?
    I’m teacher Ines, from Portugal, and I have a great friend from Romania. (Team 100)


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